It's all for Killian.

Young Kimmee wants;

Young Kimmee is aggressive, unapologetic, and needy

Young Kimmee is immature.

Getting upset and holding grudges,

Unfiltered speech and selfishness

To old to be a kid to young to be an adult

I’m only a TEEN

“It’s all about ME!”

Back talk and attitude

Sneaking around and shifting the truth

Unfolds the issues within

Depression and anxiety

Dark thoughts and sleepless nights.

Increasing interests but,

Declining grades.

“This is useless”

“I will never amount to anything”

“My dreams will never be my reality.”

Responsibilities of an adult,

But the respect of no one.




Teen mom.

Labels erasing my past.

Becoming a mom changed me.

Not what Kimmee wants but what he needs.

Patience, love, and support

Controlling emotions and letting it go

Thoughts to myself and selflessness

I am a teen mom.

And it is all about him.

Everything is for Killian.



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