Its about time

Every night punches fly to my face like angry ravens, 
i lay there helplessly knowing that life is passing by as fast as a 
speeding car. 
People tell me to move on or run away but i cant i love him to much.

Day and night i sit in the corner praying that he works a late shift so i wont have to deal with his dark side that attacks on me like a hungry lion, my friends said i need to stop letting him eat my flesh but i cant i want him i need him i love him.

But one day i sit there and think hopelessly how can i still love a man that treats me like i'm his slave. For days i sit and ponder, while tears fall down my face like a waterfall.

I thought about my mother and how her husband beat her to her death and thats when reality strike me in the face. I need to stand my ground i'm tired of no love.

Sick and tired i felt so disgust of my self and his selfishness. As i walked in the bedroom his body lays there like a paralyzed person.

As i lift up my dagger i felt this weight that was pulling my heart down from its position. I yelled out enough of no love as i stab him endlessly blood sprayed like sprinklers in my face.

All the hate and anger is realist, 
I pause and looked down on him and spat on his face. While i had this devious look. 

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