If you've raped before 

Sexually abused before

You've have cried behind closed doors 

And your tears flooded the floors


You wore a  beaming mask to mask the agony

Predestined pain, let it out is just vain

Why was no one there

I guess life just ain't fair


Her virginity was evanescent like a flower

And the agony, she embraces every hour 

He labelled her abusedd with his punches

Signed her raped with his touches


Many assume she's in healing

But little do they know her spirit is bleeding

They suppose she's not as she was before

But the waves of hurt never cease to crush at her soul's door


She mourns in no light

She recalls the death of her quaint honour each night

She wishes to talk, she is silenced by fright

She fears you'd mock, and forget she has a right


You say she is undeserving, she has to go

But you cannot comprehend that pain she bore

And still does, she was battered, she bled 

You don't know how much pride in her has fled


When she was just nine years old

A little girl with a dream, monster stole her gold

She screamed for help but

She choked on agony and he took his cut


 She was hushed by pain in a ton

To some teenage monster she was a symbol of fun

She chose to heal

She chose to preserve what's left of the meal


She never wanted to hate

But predestined fate

Saw it that she was raped once more

Much more painful than before 


She was only thirteen 

Torn by a devil who was twice fifteen

A man, a beast who was supposed to act like a brother 

But chose to be the cruel, brutal, brutish and cutthroat rapist rather


Though battered and bruised she stayed strong 

But she was raped once more, so not for long

At seventeen she became cake

To a much trusted brother or rather a fake


Now she says to her man, "I wanted to give you anything 

They didn't take away but they seized everything 

The trust, the passion and the faith, you don't deserve me

But if you insist, help me set myself free"


This girl, is crushed by agony

Clouded by melancholy

Used by men, she seeks peace and care

If you truly love her then understand,  to her life wasn't fair


But it is well

Eventhough she herself can't tell

Maybe the wise man was accurate when he said time heals 

Maybe one day happiness will be all she feels 










This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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