It Simply Will Not Fit

Compliment me and I will smile.

I will even thank you for your kindness.

Though I do not see these good looks that you speak of,

when I, myself, look in the mirror.

I can barely stand to look.

Large thighs, hips, and stomach.

A round face that makes me look too young.

Hair too short and not quite the right shade.

I get dressed and realize that I must discard

three more pairs of jeans.

They simply will not fit.

I cannot even remember when it was

that they began to be tight.

Two shirts, a bra, and two pairs of panties.

They simply will not fit.

I cannot see what others see,

though I wish I could.

I see a mountain of imperfections,

an ocean of unseemly sights.

But thank you.

I'll gladly accept that compliment.




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