It Ensures Fairness, It Upholds the Law

Justice is a force that stands tall,

A beacon of hope for one and all,

It sees no color, no race, no creed,

And knows no boundaries or limits to heed.


Justice is the light that guides us through,

The darkest hours, the troubles we brew,

It lifts us up, it gives us strength,

And helps us triumph over every length.


Justice is the sword that cuts through lies,

And exposes the truth before our eyes,

It makes the guilty pay for their crimes,

And brings peace to troubled times.


Justice is the shield that protects the weak,

And keeps the wicked at bay, so to speak,

It ensures fairness, it upholds the law,

And safeguards our freedom, one and all.


Justice is the heart that beats within,

The soul of humanity, free from sin,

It calls us to be kind, to be fair,

And treat others with respect and care.


Justice is a noble cause,

A beacon for the lost and flawed,

A shield for those oppressed and wronged,

A promise of fairness, loud and strong.


It stands for truth and what is right,

For punishing the wrong, and not the might,

For giving hope to those who fight,

For shining in the darkest night.


It sees no race, no creed, no caste,

But treats all equally, from first to last,

It brings peace and ends the strife,

And gives every person a fair life.


Justice is a dream that we all share,

A hope that we cherish, beyond compare,

A vision of a world that's free and fair,

A promise of a future, bright and rare.


So let us pledge to stand for justice,

To fight for it with all our might,

To never give up, to never compromise,

To bring the world into the light.


So let us embrace justice, let it reign,

And make this world a better place again,

Let us live by its standards, let it thrive,

And ensure that every person is treated alive.

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Our world


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