It Could Have Been Me

Fri, 06/24/2016 - 12:06 -- joliefm

When I first heard the news outlets describing Akyra Monet Murray,

The youngest victim of the Orlando massacre,

My first thought was,

"That could have been me"

Eighteen years old,

Had graduated high school a week before her death,

Third in her class,

Just trying to have fun and celebrate her graduation.

"That could have been me"

No shooting since Newtown has shook me like Pulse

As a queer kid in America today I've got it lucky.

I can hope to one day get married,

something that wouldn't have even been possible this time last year.

But even still

"That could have been me"

That could have been me in that club,

That could have been my family who would have to bury me,

My friends who would never get to see me again,

My girlfriend who would have lost someone who loves her very much,

My dreams that would have never been fulfilled.

"That could have been me"




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