It’s not that I

It’s not that I love you because you’re compassionate,
And strong even in your weakest moments.
I do not love you because of your blue eyes
That shine brighter than the sun.
I do not fall in love with you every day,
Because of the way you make me feel,
As if the ground is made out of cotton candy,
Sweet and soft.
I cannot stop loving you, my other half,
Not because you are my soulmate,
But because you are me,
I am you.

You love me as I love myself,
By accepting my faults as I do yours.
Our love is not just a chemical reaction,
It is our duty to one another, as well to ourselves.
Our vows were not empty words,
They were promises and aspirations.
Our support for each other is unlimited,
In contrast to our self respect.
We respect ourselves first which,
Which is why we are fearless.
We are not afraid to say how we feel,
What we think.

We trust in each other because we know,
That hurting one another in any way,
Is ultimately hurting ourselves more.
Because betrayal is a double edged sword.
We both have history and baggage,
Accompanied Traumas and insecurities.
We are aware of them, though,
Honest to each other.
But mainly honest to ourselves,
Aware of our faults and acceptance to our mistakes.
We make up for them through our self improvements,
For one another and for ourselves.

Because love is not just a feeling or emotion,
Love is a compromise on both ends.
Because fairy tales are just that, Tales
To encourage hope.
Because I cherish you,
You cherish me.
Because I respect you,
You respect me.
Because I trust you,
You love me.
Because I love you,
You love me.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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