It’s not the “man”

Wed, 12/07/2022 - 12:01 -- Aegis

The personification of incomprehensible entity

The crux and foundation of Hellenistic Mythology

And not just of Helen but of Rome and of Spain

And of every breathing person who is clueless today


Truth had rarely not been both distant and painful

If you produced a new morsel you would be met by baleful-

Citizens of commonwealth knowledge and function

Even though that function chooses fiction at junction


Contemplating heretical patterns of tyrants

Is aggravating because it can be debunked with modern science

But tyrants at the time were no less learned than we are

As we contemplate our fallen state from heaven is so far


So personification of incomprehensible entity

Remains the reminder of our state of utter idiocy 

Because when we face the demons we cannot understand

We assume more than their gender- we assume they are a man


An anti-vaxxer fights the man who implants his authority

A privileged politician fights the anarchist of policy

Some once Christian disciples tell their God they will forever forget Him

But still He bears the target of all their mistrust and treatment


A red-Christian disciple might see a devil in the masses

When the masses ask the Christian to pay against his beliefs with his taxes


An angry white racist homophobe in his 40’s

Is not angry with you, he’s just oblivious to reality


Easy to see. 


My rape survivor precious angel but scarred little sister

Is haunted by darkness and the guilt which had hit her

The deed was done so long ago it is buried too deep to uncover

And so if I differ with her it is “man” who still knifes her


My closeted and open friends and family rally

Behind their cause of Justice, Peace, and overall equality

And while I stand behind them in this cause for the truth

Some misdirect their passion for love and arm hate to their youth


Hate at the leaders of the churches who brainwashed them

Hate at the parents who would disgustedly condemn

Hatred for the CEO of all patriarchal distaste

Hatred to the Man who runs this giant machine. 



My message is somewhat convoluted, yes I admit it

I’m well aware of evil men and sometimes the shoe fits

The problem has always been our world is diseased

Im just suggesting we redirect all of our aim at these….


Fictitious People and incomprehensible entities

There are those who have done wrong and those who would also condemn these

There are natural disasters and there are corrupt government figures

We need not add an “extra” target for each one of them who has triggered




And so, when I am alone in bed with the lights out

Every time I say a joke that all but one laughs at

If ever there’s a moment where for some unknowable reason

My heart is wounded-my brain is stretched-and I am fearful of treason


It’s not treason. It’s not an intruder. 

It’s not a responsible entity of evil

It isn’t the man, it isn’t the rapist. 

It isn’t my God, and it’s even not Satan. 


It’s just my depression. Not a shruggable offense. 

And while some of you might not cross this here fence

I don’t really care if you know better, or disagree

Because my depression is not a depression. It’s just me. 


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