Isn't It Funny?

Isn't it Funny?

Isn't it funny how we seen Jojo, Peanut, and DoBoy hugging the block standing on the corner.

But now we see Mommas and Aunties hugging rocks cause they boys been sent to the coroner.

Teddy bears sitting at the candlelight vigil with the same cotton we use to pick.

Although he we was on this earth for 19 long years his death was quick.

They Took Him From Me White Seen Black  And Turned It To Red.

This is the reality of many, They Said.

But Why? Why Me? Why Did If Have To Me Mine?

Screams of mothers , loud like bells in the wind that chime.

That incident showed me the next day is promised to no man.

So why not live life and cherish the soil on which we stand.

A young haitian girl living as if theres no tomorrow.

Fighting for her community because she's been consumed by sorrow.

Doesn't Stand for Injustice can't not let another loved one die.

But at the end of each night she looks to the sky.

Lord please help me and the state in which  my people live in.

I wanna make it to college and educate the fellow children.

Then she looks down at her hands as if God wasn't listening.

A tear rolls down when she's faced with a roadblock.

Not enough money to be send to the college she wants have to pick a new one.

“But Mommy,”

“Naomi listen I see your headed for big things but I have not enough money to support all of you dreams”

“Momma, listen I know our lives have been rough  but I want to buy you and daddy a house when I grow up”

“I want to be able to say that I've won! no matter the obstacles I still will overcome!” I must give you a stable home such as you’ve given me.

Momma if I Dont do anything I must return one thing.


Bounced state from state.

Looking for more oppertunities, I guess.

Is was hard making friends when you had alot of pain on your chest

Mommy and Daddy did everything in their power.

Income never was enough for us to keep things from going sour.

Okay thats a stretch, well at least thats what it felt like.

Momma don't ever feel like you havent did enough!

Because without you and Dad no one would ever see the talents of this Diamond In The Rough.



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My family
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