Island Paradise


The Sun emitting her glistening reflecting on the gorgeous crystal clear water swishing,swapping against the sand

Trees dancing in the cool island wind, meanwhile I am  hoping that the beautiful sight will never end

This is paradise, I can spend the rest of eternity here and not be distressed

There is no place better, this is paradise I can spend the rest of eternity here and not be distressed

Sweetness  of the soft warm coco bread and the juiciness of the freshly cut papaya

All of the spice’s within the slow churned jerk chicken hot off of the sizzling coal stove make my tongue scream out in agony and pleasure

Incense burning enveloping it into the houses grip

Fruits ripening to their peak under the warm sun waiting to be longed and appreciated

Faint fast paced rhythmic reggae music playing on the stereo system outside the local pub

This is paradise

Young kids playing soccer in the nearby yards, that are distraught due to their constant bickering over who fouled who

Warm damp sand underneath me grasping onto my feet with every step like a young child who is afraid to lose their mom in the supermarket

Sun beaming down on my melanin rich skin

Greeting me with warmth and desire
I am on top of the world and at peace with all of my demons

This is my Island Paradise


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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