The island

I travel,

Hoping to unravel

The mysteries of the island

one that speaks with silence


“I’ve travelled there”

Father said, “next to Africa somewhere,

Saw all my dreams come true,

Pirates, diamonds and magic just to name a few


I danced with the angels

And laughed with all the ancients

I swam with purple dolphins

And spoke ever so often


I fought off all the giants,

With the best army of titans

The world had ever seen

Where the world had never been


I could speak my mind here

Without doubt and without fear

That someone would say to me


‘Oh please, just let me be’


It was my island, because I made it look this way

And if you were to tell anyone else, they’d say it’s childsplay”

I let my mind run wild

Ready to be exiled

To the land of dream and thought

An island for imagination and whatnot


With my telescope, I set sail,

Looking for the fairytale

Willing to leave it all behind

for the pictures in my mind.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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