ISIS you killed my friend

ISIS you killed my neighbor

ISIS you killed my wife

ISIS you killed my world

ISIS you killed my earth

ISIS what is your point

ISIS what is your gain

ISIS what is your will

ISIS please explain

ISIS please make me understand your reason for fear

ISIS please make this war stop

ISIS please stop this world war

ISIS what is your purpose

ISIS what do you want us to do 

ISIS please why make us hide

ISIS please let me live in peace

ISIS please don't start world war three

the tears that fall 

the tears that i cry

the moment when a million years ago there was an attack on my homeland

the moment when a million years ago there was my father about to get on a plane that fateful day

the moment when a million years ago there was my best friends brother dead and gone

the moment when all you want is peace

the moment when you freeze in time as you watch it all again in a foreign land 

the moment when the eiffel tower weeps with sorrow and you remember the day a million years ago

the million years ago when 

ISIS why recreate nine-eleven

ISIS why break these hearts

ISIS why cause all this pain

ISIS why do this to yourself

a million years ago

paris seems like a million years ago

9/11 seems like a million years ago

ISIS why hurt me so bad

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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