The Irony of Trust


How easily we believe confidence in each other

And thus the risk is taken—we chance doubting everyone and everything we believed in.

The irony of trust?

Ability to retain faith is like cantering across shattered glass barefoot expecting not to bleed

This crusade corrupts you, almost like an emotional defect.


Many feel losing trust leaves them this way.

It weighs down like drowning below tenacious currents

Suffocating, combative, fighting an unbeatable brawl.


Many feel striving to regain trust leaves them this way.

It pulls up like embarking off in a hot air balloon

Reviving, invigorating, winning a so thought unbeatable brawl.

The irony of regaining trust?

Ability to realize the path containing glass is not the only offered

The intelligence to form that conclusion makes the crusade worthwhile.

How we easily we believe confidence in each other

And thus must realize—one horrific experience should not define them all.


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