Ironside's Destiny

Mon, 08/19/2013 - 22:12 -- SMC_14

Faulty is my inner workings, on the fritz, frying, jerking

What else can be said of a machine obsolete

Launch a shell and sink my ironsides into the depths of the sea

Please ,disregard my unconscious wish.

I still have the strenghth, even though the goliath rends my skin

Leviathan comes with her unrequitted love. To smash and pull me down into the blue.

I was the source of her tears, making her face the reddest hue.

An old tanker like me deserves to rust away, but I refuse

I'm a slave canon going about my way as I used to.

Foolish, brutish, rude and skittish.

Yet, my my coagulated blood screams in anguish!

My sanguinity has not yet ceased. My legacy has not diminished in the least!

So before I shatter, I will have great release!

Pull the valves for one last voyage, my faithful crew!

Where I shall go to rest and you shall begin anew.




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