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I can't go on it seems

How am I supposed to do this?

Be like what they want me to be

You learn, to put on a mask in real life

You don't cry in front of others, cuz that's real weak

you don't show anything besides what others want you to see

they don't see how crumpled you get when they lie to you

or when a relationship crashed they don't see that other side of you

the side you don't let anyone see

you just put a smile on your face, slap it on

walk out the door, pretend that everything's okay, nothing's wrong

when inside you're crying

screaming in fact

you want to tell someone,

but you don't know how,

you want to show someone,

but you don't think you can,

You don't know how to bring up the topic

and when it gets there, you get scared, run away,

it's hard is what it is,

and to you, what scares you most, isn't heights, or clowns, or death,

it's the fear of everyone leaving,

and you don't know what to do anymore.

Just keep moving forward,

maybe then you'll know.

Maybe then someone will help you.



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