The Invisible line


modern day racism is a sophisticated stereotype executed by the white man himself,

the white man is not really a person but the hate we feel when we interact with a race different from ours,

as we look in our everyday environment we see a wide variety of cultures each with a background so deep,

it would take years to dig how they feel but we all try a dig up our self's dignity to show love to the infinity,

all the judges have built up immunity, to sentence the inferior race for prosperity,

the white shirt you wear came from a black man’s hand, stop for a minute try to understand,

I understand like im standing in the basement or understand below the thick ground like third world slave miners,

I mean minors i guess that’s what that they call em, they see them on the key board and they hit them,

belligerent approach for a superior race, we all fighting to be number one i guess why it’s called race.



is of a man's skin is no more of a person he is, race is not defined by the color,

judgment is made with a guess, there's no existence to the word of which we define one's color but a effort made effortless

,when we devour the pride of others shared bonding has no time or hour.

We should look beyond what we appear as, because black and white are colors that go together

same as we are all humans in this world were the possibility becomes possible and choice of living becomes optional

with ur fellow bother, race is Division amongst us all to the point where can't live in, the same domain,

racism has not yet altered the minds of those who wish to fight it, but a flame of of hatred and cruelty,

who dares to ignite it. Racism is a race against each other but when it comes to the finish line

who at the end will say ''good job my brother.''



Next time your walking down the aisle looking for a book to read don’t judge the book by it’s title

but try to understand where it came from and how it was filed, what’s its thoughts are or how its compiled,

don’t be alarmed by it, just because it has a different style.



its not a decision to be racists but ur opinion or misunderstanding when u happen to look at people's faces, a book often judged by its color, think of that literally, there is no true judgement of which the color of a book is ,same as human beings color is totally, in the picture , turn the wide screen on so everyone can fit ,A hate for racism gets bigger one mouth closed at a time , say something good or let what's on your mind stay On your mind cuz we can't see a future if anybody is left behind.



You can’t change the new world we live in its controlled by apple,

that same apple Adam should have never eaten,

that same wine they drunk in the past is the same venom we got in our hands

as we say “cheer up little homie” knowing that he has no future plans.

The invisible chain of segregation cripples many from moving forward

the friction is freaking annoying, some gave up and began to rust

I mean rest while they hope for a better day my vision may not be 20 20 but

I guess 20 20 got a lot of bad things to say, everyday murder became normal

as we kill off our family tree, I mean the real question is what does it mean to be free?



If I wasn't free then I wouldn’t be freely Expressing myself life full a drama but

it just got dramatic, hey God can u give me an instruction manual,... Oh I forgot everything

is on automatic' its everyone's privilege to be free cuz there's always tht question if....

you don't control you life life controls you, you need a controller or a mouse to scroll through ,

did you have enough of life or life had enough of you .



life is a beautifully dressed girl, yeah the one chilling in the back of the club,

she seduces and controls who she wants , I don’t want to say she a gold digger but

she don’t mess with small figures, she wanna ball on your budget until your rock bottom,

she got a rock heart with a nice bottom but don’t take her to dance

 because a dance with life is like being in a gun fight and having a knife,

the possibilities of surviving are low but each day we speak our subliminal thoughts through our flow,

while our flow might flow to the sewer along with human waste  we sit back and wait

because its only a matter of time before they clean it and give it to you to taste.


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