I sit in class and don't say a word. 

When I do speak up, I go unheard.

People say "I know who you are", but they really don't.

They pretend they understand, but I'm afraid that they won't.

Depression is a scary thing, it not only changes your emotions, but also your brain.

They stereotype the person that I am, they think it's for attention, they call it a scam.

I was once happy long ago, before the friends that I had turned to foes. 

I have found something worth fighting for, I am in love, that's for sure.

The girl of my dreams is finally real, and her heart I intend to steal.

The sadness is slowly fading away, I am growing more positive day by day. 

I have to learn to let go of the past, I know that I need my happiness to last.


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