Sometimes, in the middle of a cold, windy day, I like to sit in the middle of the street. The wind on my face, the chill in the air, my hair wild in the wind, that perfect feeling of existence, that feeling that for a quick second makes me feel invincible. It makes me believe that one day I won't be minut to the rest of this massive world, that I can make a difference. It makes me think that maybe one day everything might seem a little less scary, it makes me feel invincible. I am no superman, but I will be here if you need saving, if you need to feel invincible. I will sit in the driveway with you for hours when you need someone to talk to, we can be those two "Crazies" that will lay in the middle of the road wishing, praying, that maybe, someday, this world will get a little less scary.


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