To all my fears and insecurities,

Up until now, you have been accepted as unbeatable
Invincible, even.
You've shown no mercy
Your punishments are harsh
To burn the body as it stands frozen
Shaking and unmovable in any direction except your own, to flee
Voice cracking, stuttering awkward phrases that are not what I'd practiced
Needles and ice skates
Public speaking
And werewolves, which I now only believe in for reasons to fear
Thanks to you
But a thought has recently occurred to me
The Terrors of my childhood-
Where are they?
Where is the monster under my bed, or in my closet?
They who lurked in the darkness around me and in the creak of the stairs? it possible? No
I grew bigger, stronger; defeated them
I will do it again
My voice will be heard among the crowd
Send me all your anxiety, send me paranoia, I dare you
Today, I am great, despite your hindering this far
But tomorrow, I will be unbeatable
Invincible, even.



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