Introduction to Lust

The touch of your skin felt like a Holy Sin. 

A burning desire like a demon within.

The friction of my thighs ,

Agnonized by your lies ,


I've been Introduced to Lust.


The temperature of the room start rising . 

Set of the scene heads into the horizon.

My eyes are closed, Whatever to anything that goes.

Just promise me when this done..

We will never seperate and we could be one.


I've been introduced to Lust


Never found love.

Words were enough to keep me away from the glove.

As the temperature is rising ,

Im letting go of everything.

From the sweet kisses  on your lip...

Oh Shit ! The nipple slip.


I've been introduced to Lust.


You've been waiting for this day.

This day has come

Where you could have me your way.

Cum inevitably I do what you say.


I've been introduced to Lust.


Seems like we're on different paths

Came across different conclusions and all this confusion is making me believe everything..

but it's an illusion .


I'be been introduced to Lust

Never felt love

Always thought  this was enough .

The curse of my stomach has arised.

As it begin to swole.

The truth that was untold is about to be spoke...

into existance which started off as a mental resistance .

But now i'm here.

Covered with angusih and fear.

Days go by, I finally become bold,

to tell you the secret which will  determine if our relationship is pivotal.


Little me , simple me might concieve a mini me.

Which should be our blessing and our joy our faithful little boy.


Or maybe its our precious diamond and our pearl.

Our richful little girl.


How does that sound?

A scary reality.

That came across a mysterous fatality.

Which is a constant reminder to keep ourselves afloat when we're far from gravity.


All we have is each other....


Dismayed expression,a fatal aggression left my body to be summoned to the floor.

I plead and cried but a blow went to my face once more.


Is this what i asked for?

Isn't love suppose to feel much more.


I've been reduced to lust.


His hand grabbed the edge of my waist and took me to his room.

He beat his penis in me, and said he wanted nothing in my womb.


I've been reduced to lust

Kisses all over my skin .

The body of devil persisted inside of me.


Cries of exaust  as i'm let down in agony.



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