my name is uncertain.

my skin flows thick with melanin.

my hair coily and dense.

i keep to myself 

living in my own bubble.

just me and my poetry.


i have an observant mind

tracking and keeping note

of the behaviors of my acompliances.


my heart is passionate

oozing with love.

but i try to harden it

out of fear of it being broken again.


i am a teenager

ridden with angst and growing pains.

but inside 

a small flower blooms

a sign of life.


i love unconditionally.

feminine, or masculine, 

both are appealing.


i am a blank slate.

there is no box that i can be forced into.


i am me

me is i.



You' re made me laugh. You must be a crazy goat ,  come with me to dance the hulahoop.

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