Intoxicated Shame

Poorest neighborhoods and liquor is at its finest. 
Drunks intoxicated in the streets looking for love, 
but the brown paper bag is covering the bottle, 
when the brown paper bag should be used 
for lunches at a school's cafeteria. 
But tell me, how is a drunk supposed to
find love if he's hiding his life? 

Poison dripping down to his liver, 
drunkly killing himself softly.
His mind tells him he's feeling
at such ease, when the truth is,
he's numbing the pain that wouldn't
go away...
My stomach would turn seeing 
a brother vomit on the red line 
as i'm coming home.

One would 
his life away just to 
feel something like a mother's 
love or a father's support. 
But here in my ghetto, 
the majority of my people 
have either or and it's
not fair. but that's how it is. 

I've seen my brothers having a meltdown.
Wasted on trains - singing to keep his mind
going or responding to his past telling himself
to go away and leave him alone. 

He'd drink more.

The smell of heavy alcohol hit my nose 
and I feel like my mind is owning all of his emotions.
The train would start to smell like a depressed man. 

Tell me, how is one suppose to find purpose in life
if all they have ever known is Whiskey, Rum, Tequila, vodka, 
Brandy and Scotch? That's the closet thing next to their OG's.

Low knowledge causes pain to the brain

I've seen my brothers, barely a Junior, 
drop out of high school
because they "don't have time" solving 
math problems and verb sentences.. 
but they "have time" standing around 
like a fool outside the liquor store…

because that's all they've ever known. 

I've seen my brothers existence themselves
at the wrong place
at the wrong time 
with the wrong mind…set. 
Settling in the wrong hood trying to love a female
on the streets, and the thugs would come 
and check him out 
and the thugs would come
and test him out 
and the thugs would come 
and here lies the drunk, 
knocked out in the streets and 
the birds flying around 
his head would not leave. 
Like I said, "Low knowledge causes pain to the brain".

Liquor is a reward to make you feel like you're not alone.
Liquor is a reward to make you dumb yourself down - but they don't tell us that.

My people have been through struggles, their intelligent is
like an locked game level and they think that a booze 
would boost them to unlock it. But they're drunk. 
They're drowning and failing. 
Is it worth allowing poison in your system other than allowing education that could be a benefit to you and guide you in your lane, so that you CAN achieve your dream goals?

A shame.


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