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Luis Vargas

Lizzy by: Luis V

Lizzy why the fuck did you leave me?

It’s been a whole goddamn 6 years since you left me behind

And the fucked up thing is we were still dating

What the fuck.

Why didn’t you take me with you

I hope your enjoying the streets of gold right now

I fucked up

You didn’t want me to be depressed

But Now I’m depressed

I know you want me to be happy

Even though you are not here

But you hurt me 

You left me 

Now and days I have thoughts of slitting my wrist open

I want to visit your grave when February comes 

But I don't at the same time because I don’t want to cry

I miss you

I hope you're in heaven with God. 

Now I feel like I’m going crazy

Everytime I close my eyes

I see you

I hear you

I feel you

What the hell is god doing to me 

Bye! Miss you a lot.

This is about my ex-girlfriend who committed suicide in 6th grade  

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

suicide is nothing to take lightly

only God knows why she made that choice

pray on your hands and knees and not damn Him, but ask Him why

The Lord will show you

you expressed honestly about the impact of suicide

learn from it, and persevere when you face trials


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Luis Vargas

Yes, I agree but I'm a senior now in high school and we would've been graduating together this year and within 5 months of the relationship she talked about marriage and kids 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it's okay to mourn and feel hurt

Matthew 5:4 "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted"

Allow God to comfort you Through The Lord

Allow Him to heal you through this time of suffering you're going through

cherish who she is to you, and accomplish in remembrance of her

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