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I am here. trying to write a poem.
Nothing short of brilliance, I had hope for it
Trying out different words, different ways to convey every
Emotion I feel, it gets my juices flowing. This stream of thought is
Rushing out hard, gushing, these overflowing ideas
Rushing out, I can't grab a hold onto all of them, I can't type fast enough...
Until, right when I finally realize what I was going to type, my sister comes in
Practicing her loud, crackling, out-of-pitch singing
To me, who was deep in thought, who is now is at a loss for the right words.
I now sigh, give up on searching for the lost words, and listen to her screech
On her hairbrush microphone, yelling her heart out.
Now my inner most feelings and brilliance
Seeps into the pillow I now release my anger upon.

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Rose of Ruby

Wow. Thie is one of the best Acrostic poems I have ever seen... Brilliant.

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