Fri, 07/14/2017 - 10:37 -- yapa

Rope of debt strangle both banks sides

Narrow valley has provision for dead buffer storage

Shorter length foundation face music of sudden change

Dependable generation speak language of double barrel

Storage of thoughts not possible in abandoned minds

Solitary order theory accepted by still wave

1 unit of generating stage

Sewed to closed artificial loops

Peak demand of rejected non-conventional

Spectrum eating my soul pressure

Aerial loop without screw,you assume


Local losses at entrance

Greasing the wheel of distance

Grass ain’t greener on the other side

Typical layout of permissible sense

Accommodate blocked,chained aves

Morphological impact has gained maintenance

Unaffected freedom rest below

Crest of monarchical sluice


Spiral off take in significant change

Studying effect of main baffle

Straight into variation of  branch angle

Load entry into suspended wage

Quickly shoot up to exit charge


Bliss’s equation added to dispersion

Rode wave of rough transition

Essential head tired of utilisation

Insignificant interjection

Lower layers of shallow exclusion

Increased curvature at intact fluctuation

Power house concentrated at 1 location

Pressure conduit at right angle to changed proportion

Alternate operation

Battery operated don’t require any classification

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