inspiration is true strength of a woman

I’m a womanHoney i couldString a thousand starsin the sky along with the moonIf I wanted toThe inspiration comes fromMy uterus & the trials that comeWith itI’m conditioned to be weakBut I’m expected to hold on“There’s no rest for the wicked”They say“Women are witches”Perhaps it’s because i can bleedFor 7 days & not need stitchesI could go 6 months withoutBeing lead by a drive for sexIn 5 months my body can go soFar & inspire an entire beingsGender4 for your information my genderInspired my gender to hold downThe entire nation during the war3 in some places a man wouldn’tEven be able to eat without aWoman like meFamilies start with 2& sometimes end with 1Because the women who inspire meBared down & birthed a child& would do anything even aloneTo see it smile_inspiration is the true strength of a woman  


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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