All around


It's hard to be found






Sometimes it can't be seen 


My friends

and family

my teachers too


I need something new


One day I found

The inspiration I need

that Inspiration?

That was me


I am made 

of everything around

Beauty and sadness

Things lost to the ground


But I know 

That I am truly made

Of all the Inspirations 

thrown in my way


I love my friends

They have made me 

a better person

and truly inspired me 


And my family

despite giving me grief

have inspired within me 

all of my beliefs


To my fellow queers,

to know you are there,

may be the greatest 

inspiration of all


You are seen

We are seen 

We are togehter

No matter the weather


You have inspired me 

To be myself 

No matter what that may be 


You've had the best impact

And that's a fact

I'll love you all

Through it all

Thank you for all you've done

But our battle is not yet won


We lean on each other

Sisters and brothers

And those like me 

That are in-between 

We are all seen 


This inspires me 

To be better

No matter the weather

I will spread our message

Of love

And tolerance

To those 

Who are bigots 

And need our message

Of inspiration

And love

And acceptance


This poem is about: 
My community


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