Insomnia, and the fear that comes with it

I lay awake

at night

in the dark room

with colors bleached in a fault

the only presence is the Darkness

eyeing me

I shiver

tip toes are quietly heard

but there is nobody here

is anybody there?

I don't want to know

I shut my eyes

Insomnia pulling me under

I still lay with the night

cradling it

even though the fear penetrates my body

like a thousand of needles coming into contact with my skin

im afraid of the dark

of the shadows I see dancing around

it's just my imagination, right?
darkness so peaceful but so scary

the walls feel like they're caving in on me

I'm just too paranoid

I toss and turn

sweat illuminating my freckled skin

I swear I can hear things

it's just me

let me think that

one final hour, I'm too afraid to move

I can feel the night moving

is it almost over?

the floor creaks and the ceiling makes a thud

It's okay, I'm just overthinking

I'm alone in the room,

it's just me

I concentrate on that thought

until the sun peeks through the blinds

and I let out my breath

nothing to be afraid of,

because eventually there will always be light. 





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