Inside Ourselves

The world keeps getting colder,
We keep getting older,
Living like lambs to the slaughter,
There’s so much hatred,
There’s no more blessed water,
Living another day,
Working our life away,
What I can say?
This our way,
No standing up,
No backing down,
Might as well just walk around,
Clear my thoughts,
Clear my room,
I still can’t find the moon,
It’s too dark,
I fear the light,
I have no rights. . .
Because I have color,
Because I don’t speak the language,
And I get hated,
I don’t understand,
We are humans,
The beating heart,
The red blood,
The conscious mind,
We hate our looks,
Because of the mirror,
Because of society,
We got to look generic,
No uniqueness,
No self-identity,
No more culture,
Be like everybody else,
We don’t look inside ourselves,
No self-acceptance. . .
The prophets preached peace,
We refused it,
Instead we used it,
The holy wars,
The hatred,
The lies,
In disguise,
Our compromise,
The lie is truth. . .

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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