Inside My World

Sometimes you look in someone’s eyes

And see something you’ve never seen before

Maybe it’s a new shade of blue

That you never knew existed

Or maybe it’s the twinkle

Of a star you’ve never seen.

But when I looked in your eyes

I fell,


And fell,


And fell,


And it never felt like it would end

But it did

When I hit the bottom.

And it was nothing like what people describe.

I didn’t feel lost or alone or afraid,

I felt safe.

I could look at a whole world surrounding me and see you in all of it

You were the sky covering me with it's sunny smile,

Your hair was the twisty tree roots I kept tripping on,

Your eyes were the mud I happily squished my toes in.

I heard birds chirp metal melodies

That I realized I actually love.

You were in the winking waters that reflected loving light onto me

And at the center of the most beautiful world I had ever seen was a beating red heart.

Your heart.

It kept the world warm for me.

It lifted me up with your support when I needed it.

And all I could wish for was to be even closer to it.

So I dug

Deep into the depths of the soul soil

And although I fear I will someday have to leave

I have entered the most beautiful world I have ever seen.


My heart found a flower

You strategically left at my doorstep

Of the little house you built me in your soul

And my heart is now attached to the flower

But more importantly to you

And I’m not going anywhere.


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AWWW THIS IS SO ADORABLE!! i love this it's the cutest thing ever

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