Insane Sanity

Splitting pain, burning like a stripe of lava

Embedded cut that sank too deep without healing

‘It hurts’ are the only words that can describe it

He shows others the glowing bloody line

‘Oh that’s normal’ they tell him.

It is? He replaces the bandages, tries to ignore

the life seeping out. It’s normal.


Shredded tatters that hang from bones

bruised by the swords they all carry

Black crust that oozes from beneath

‘It’s falling apart’ is all he can say.

The plague has consumed the flesh that once bled

‘Oh that’s normal’ they tell him.

It is? He puts the needle and thread down, stops trying

to keep the pieces from flying away. It’s normal.


Shattered lungs that only draw burning ice

Air that contains shards of what used to belong inside

touches the stiffened heart that recoils

The chills torch the tender flesh

as it lays helplessly exposed.

‘It’s cold’ is the only way he can think to explain.

‘Oh that’s to be expected’ they tell him.

It is? He looks at frozen entrails,

throws his ribs open wide. It’s normal.


And yet they say he is insane, disturbed.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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