Innocent Lives


Ring, Ring the alarm clock rang,

Isa rolled out of bed with a groan and a bang,

Looking at the time realizing how late it had become,

The morning routine was cut and out the door she had run.


Although her destination wasn’t far,

Rushed she felt as she reversed the car,

Out of the drive way and down the street,

Racing against the time that couldn’t be beat.


The roads seemed empty and she stopped paying attention,

As the car’s speed gained without intention,

Her mind thinking about a million things,

Today didn’t seem like the other mornings.


Buzz, Buzz, off went her phone,

Her eyes cast down towards the familiar ringtone,

Picking up her phone to read the unimportant message,

Isa didn’t realize it could bring so much wreckage.


Those few seconds became a blur,

As oncoming headlights appeared before her,

The light shined so blindingly bright,

Isa tried to gain control with all of her might.


Screech, Smack, the cars crashed head on,

The sound of crunching metal filling the dawn,

Sirens rushed to the scene interrupting the grim morning air,

And learned that no survivors would be found there.


The other car was filled with a mother and her two baby boys,

Sitting quietly in the backseat playing with their toys,

How quickly their lives had ended,

Because of distractions that could have been avoided.


Later bystanders would plea,

What could have been done to prevent the catastrophe?


If only Isa hadn’t been in a hurry,

Or thinking about other worries,

If she wouldn’t have picked up her phone,

Or let her attention condone.


Oh how different things would have been,

Four lives would not have reached their end.


Distractions while driving seem so small sometimes,

But the effects last more than a lifetime.


Prevent yourself from being distracted driver,

Make the choice right now.


Never put others at risk, nor yourself,

Because your choice ever so small,

To answer the call,

Or read the messages,

Will last through the ages.


It’s your choice.

Decide right now to pay attention.

Distractions aren’t worth innocent lives.


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