Innocence Seized

Open your thoughts

Open your mind

Open your secrets

Laying against the cold bed, covering your body with sheets... It is done, I will never be the turning back
Was I happy...should I have waited, what do I think
All these talks, parents telling me about when the time is right But how was I to know when the time was now

I don’t feel violated, just numb
I can feel the heat from his touch all over me...
What was felt moments ago still lingers upon me
My hair a mess, yet he fingers through it to find my face once more
This wasn’t his first rodeo yet he was so tense while holding me.
He didn’t pity me he, he worried. He wanted to make sure that I made the right choice, was he worth it ? The sudden shock of him lifting me into his arms brought intense comfort. Comfort I feared, I would never feel again.

Open the thoughts Open your mind Open your secrets

Smoke filled the open spaces of containment
The room began to blur, the eyes around the room squinting for sight Chemicals filling the air and lungs of those involved
Tools and instruments of this exposure begin to be passed, Passing around what was once peer pressure.
Now just a pattern of a routine that you thought you would never bare.

Inhaled smoke travels through you as the blood in your veins do Exhaling the struggles that you thought this would heal...

This healing process is transitory, the moments that pass you with this high, are already fading.

What once was innocence was now seized from the will of defiance As you ...
Opened your thoughts
Mind remains open
And your secrets are spilled 



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