Inner Feelings

Mon, 06/30/2014 - 20:38 -- Shanney


Behind every smile there's pain, the hurt of not being pretty and used.

The pain of only being wanted for what's low.

Everyday theres a cut in my soul, then the tears start to roll.

Tears from the heart of pain and sorrow.

Surrounded by beauty but not being beatiful, scarring myself out of pain and hope.

Hope that my skin will clear but never knowing when another one will appear.

I wish I had money for clothes and shoes instead of every year trying to see what i can reuse.

I work up the courage to ignore the fact that I have nothing.

I put on a smile and make myself say I'm pretty but inside my soul cries out.

I do this all the time as painful thoughts run through my mind.

Wondering when will it be my time to shine, my moment of beauty, my place of peace.

For none of things I feel inside of me.

The fear of being unwanted and ugly is running with in.

I say this because I forever wonder when will it be the end.



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