Inner Fall


I been determine, I been determine all these years to win, To be sufficient enough to achive,But, But what happens when your inner self, Controls your outer like a never ending, Eclips top in a swirl of hate, Failed, Betrayal, worse of all presure.condemning one self with no judgement, It has become a desease,How can i ever explain, I wasnt to be so grand, I seem to forget what really matters whant to stop this delay, I have a path i am going to fallow,But..., But if i keep delaying my victory, I will fall so hard, So hard, That crazy will be the least of my worries,But how, How can i stop, My mind from running, why does it run on it's own, why,why,why, why can't i shut it down, it takes all my energy, It takes all of me, i'm such a happy child, so determine, why must such cruel word, Take over me, Attack all over me, so rapid i can barely catch up, I wan tit to stop, But how, They say control it, control it, How will i control it, come to think,isn't anxiety caused by lack of control?

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