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I grab the mic with the quickness to vision whats scripted, im ignorant sometimes beligerent, but most unconsiderrate on how citizens are living in sin,Im a stranger to my paper, Im so off task in class that my math are multiplication equations in my raps, i didint find my role model,rappers preach burning weed and teach drinking hennesy out the bottle, my father was a bother in my lifetime, my lifes like a lifetime, sublimminal messages that come blind,  I took what was mine but its a crime so my life payed the heavy fine,  moms in the hospital, never made mother visits so my father claims im irresponsibile,  exuse my profanity but dont come at me with bullshit unless your nuisance was bullets hitting you ruthless, my concious only contains whats nautious, being cautious, dont be provocative cause you cops are always watching us.  Without poetry yall wouldve never known of me, noticed me, im emotionaly overseas with the desceaed, 6in deep beneath and im still not left with peace within me. So you define a vacation because i know masons arent what your facing.

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