See according to google

Injustice is just the lack of fairness or justice

But it lacks to see the history of injustice

Something the masses has been fighting for

Just listen a little more



This has long been happening to our people

Our people has been seen as invisible or ⅗ of a human being

How can this be?



Let's rewind to May 1961 when the police decided to neglect the freedom fighters

Knowing a mob was read to attack

What happen to having our back?




Lets not forget about these big companies

Like kohls and macys

Who uses inmates to do their production works

While enjoy the perks

Yea the luxury of us being slaves to them.

While we’re pleading behind bars for our day in court



Wake up!

We need to stay united and not let the masta continue to whip us of our dignity

Because we are a part of humanity

We are full of brilliancy beyond those slavery times.

Therefore we must continue unity and be like an infantry because we have the audacity.


S-Systematic oppression

My brothers

My sisters

The government has planned to keep our backs bent carrying their heavy load of which is not our own. I’m saying that the government wanted to purge our community by sending our family into vietnam for freedom that does not belong to us


T-Tulsa race riot

My brothers of color

My melanin sisters  

we know that the meaning of black excellence when we hear black Wall Street.

We had something stripped from us in which we worked so hard for.



Is something we lack

As it says in the bible, jesus wept

Our people are still crying out for freedom that others taken for granted



I know many of yall watch grownish

Perfect representation of black america

Or is it?

Where are people like us?

Darkskin who are put out just like in slavery times into the field



We all know separate but equal

But that is the definition of equity for america.

We can the sad gloomy patch work schools but not get the equal part of having proper AC without leakage

Yes leakage of our rights of equality


See the meaning of this word is much more than justice or unfairness

This word translate into language only to those whom injustice has been done



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