Iniquity of Inequality


Dust settles behind the coats

It bunches up together,

causing a clump of cluttered

hair and flakes of skin.



People look, they think it’s disgusting.

A ghastly gray conglomerate of crap

crammed and clustered close- so gross.


The dust bunny blunders

from inside the closet,

confident that it can come out.


But It’s sucked up by the vacuum,

ground up, mixed into the pile

of trash; thrown away.


But why?


Made up of the same matter

as the man who deemed it trash.

What’s the difference?

It’s the same DNA-

Genetically identical in every single way



And this dust, which you, man, you despise-

- You were made from dust

That is, if you desire

to take tales literally:


Shellfish, tattoos, pork,

Shaving, polyester:

a plethora of paganism


Examine the code and try-

Try to find a rule not founded upon health

(or at least historical practicality)

Try- but you will fail


Your foundations of faith are founded in falsehoods

He said follow but two rules


Love the Lord your God with all your heart.

And Love your fellow man as yourself

And who loves their fellow man more-

more than that so called abomination

the down-trodden dust

whose only aberration

was to love another

minus procreation.



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