Inhale & Exhale

She breathes in and out
This pain she bears is a killer no doubt.
Crying once more from pain and misery
She tilts her head back and asks, "Dear Go why me?"
Sweat drips down from her head to her bosom
As she calms down hoping that this child would come.
Eight hours of labor, deep-deeply induced throes
Has made her so tired especially pushing from the inner core.
Contractions have subsided leaving her body at ease
Sitting there she thinks of the journey of this pregnancy.
Although time was winding down and she is tired of giving birth
She cannot wait to see her child, her child she would do anything for even until the end of the earth.
She breathes in and out in preparation
Ready this time for the world to meet her creation.
A new born baby, a little baby girl
"She's mine, my is my little world".

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