Insidious dreams on the Eden of man 
A generation held in a pharmacist’s hand 
The crow is the devil and the devil rides thee 
Cigarettes are sold at the children’s tree  
Now thee shall know the human touch 
Shall heal the lame from the devil's clutch 
Yet the house of wine is thy only home 
At least for now what happens is known 
Seen the b*st*rd son of a thousand men 
The devil seems his only friend 
In the courtyard lobby of the misplaced martyr 
There are murderous crows for men to garner  
Dark smoke seen rising over the bay 
Weapons drawn at the sight of a play 
Old wounds heal as new ones come 
All must pay a hefty sum 
A lady’s sacrifice is paid with a birth 
A new light ascends from the darkened mirth 
The light withheld and then abused 
The day has come it will be used 
Swept into a poor man’s war   
All thy progress lost for more 
Yet remains thy quest for light 
Be thee worthy of that fight 
Acumen made special with age 
And new allies help turn the page 
Two memories in one whole mind 
What a fortunate son of a kind 
Changed the world for better or worse 
Conversation’s the only nurse 
The cosmic two keep after thee 
Then the cosmic bird from its cosmic tree 
New gates open as old ones close 
All that’s learned is put in prose 
After mother and daughter reconcile 
All that’s left is to help the child 

Father’s gone now comes the fight 
For destiny be it wrong or right 
Torture justified no means 
Call the bird and hear its screams 
The bird has sung and it has learned 
The lady’s tower sits and burns 
A raptured city brings to light 
Infinite worlds through house of light 
And through the house of light thy went 
To where thy once were to repent 
But sins when washed are bittersweet 
For sins a thing one always keeps 
The lady leads thee to an immaculate door 
To where thy debt will be faced once more 
But now thee faces true recall 
Thy debt was not a debt at all 
A child that you call your own 
Was by thy side the time thy roamed 
A victim of thy misplaced trust 
Twas thee who fought thy finite lust 
Thy used thy child like a tool 
Thy put her on a massive stool 
Thy saved her from thy vicious self 
Thy stored her in an ornate delf 
The world thy roamed was all thine own 
Thine enemies were through thee shown 
Twas nothing mere thy was the fear 
To kill it off would make things clear 
And with things clear thy’ll understand 
That life’s a mere grain of sand 
The father, child and self are thee 
All fruit that sit upon a tree 
So let thy child baptize thee 
And let the water be the last thy’ll see 
And let the birds and children sing 
And smile, and take all things… As they are… Infinite 


Robin Lee


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