Inspired by Georgia

How do you expect me to feel about your infidelity?
I saw you last night with a worthless young man.
He and you were standing behind the old house.
You hugged him as if you were hugging a teddy bear.
And you kissed him like lovers kiss in a romantic movie.

Even though I’ve felt your embrace over the years,
You hugged him tighter than you’ve ever hugged me.
I’ve experienced the pleasure of your sweet lips,
But you’ve never kissed me the way you kissed him.
Why did you deceive me with another man, Georgia?

In your eyes, he saw something that I’ve never seen.
And your charm made you irresistible to him.
I was shocked at the passion you expressed for him.
You’ve never expressed such passion for me.
I almost had a heart attack when I saw you in his arms.

Georgia, you don’t love me, you’re just using me.
You appear not to feel remorse for cheating on me.
And you have the audacity to object to my abusive speech.
You said, “Take it out on me; don’t take it out on him.”
Well, as much as I love you, I just can’t forgive you.


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