Inferior To Society

I gave you the medicine that provided the intelligence stored inside the inhabitance that you call a brain 

I provided the necessities needed for your daily living 

I gave you the opportunity  to take every breath that you breathe 

And every word that you speak 
I gave you life 
And yet you mock me 
Spit and curse at me 
Jab my heart and mind with these concoctions 
Forced to set us apart 
It hurts 
To be degraded 
It's contemplated 
About whether or not 
Inequality between me and you even exists 
I get paid 77 cents less to the dollar 
But What is it that you do better 
What is it that's missing in me that is in you 
When everything I passed down to you lives in me 
You say my choice of work field is the reason 
But when discrimination and rejection coincides who is there to listen 
To change their opinions on my length of potential ? Of my Strength and determination to succeed 
I cannot do manly things 
I have to be the wimp the pussy 
I have to scream and cry and beg for your masculinity to save me 
And protect me 
I need no protector 
I am the protector 
I am your maker 
Without me there would be no you 
You rule the world but needed my womb to be the man you are today 
You needed my breasts to grow big and strong 
You needed my love and affection and protection 
You needed my guidance 
You needed to see my confidence 
To get that fire starting in yourself 
You needed my help 
Yet my classification is objectification 
The impossibility to be perfect is set before me 
The expectations to be thin beautiful and sexy 
To be submissive promiscuous
And provocative 
All at once is demoralizing 
How could I be all of those things 
And still be a human being 
This concept constructed by society 
Makes me wonder who is sane 
Who is right in their mind 
To understand none of this is possible 
You and I we live in different worlds 
We see from different views
What you think is practical and actual 
Isn't factual isn't practical 
Sex sells 
And to sexualize ourselves will bring success and rewards 
From the men who degrade us and shame us and use us 
My options and outcomes are limited 
If I am not depicted as what is enlisted to be 
How beautiful can I feel if I do not measure up to your qualifications 
Needless to say you consider them obligations 
And so who are you to decide the person demanded of me to be 
Who are you to judge and decipher the life it is that I should live 
You are encouraged by one another to continue to look at me as an object 
As just a sex partner and baby producer 
And I am of no use if I do not have the capability to reproduce 
Something I couldn't control takes the role of myself 
It determines who I will attract and the choices I will have to choose from
But there are so many things I cannot control and are out of my reach 
Like the size of my ass the color of my skin and the way my face is constructed 
So to live in a bubble and attempt to adapt to your desires will never happen 
I am me like it or not 
I cannot change 
So societies image of women and our roles in society need to take a turn 


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