Infatuation vs Love

what is love?
Is there really a definition for this simple four letter word?

If I try to describe it maybe I would just sound absurd

But here I go

As a child I would picture the perfect girl for me in my head

she must be brown, curly hair, beautiful singer and great in bed

but as I got more mature the picture in my head would gradually disappear

and each time I visualized how I want my wife to be that image would get a smear

so I had to go and revise

and I then came to realize

Its not about how pretty you are with that gorgeous smile

or the way you swing your hips which would make the guys go wild
It’s not about what you have where anything I ask for I receive

because once you go broke what will stop me to leave

When you first see someone all that happens is you lusting after her beauty

it could be her complexion her breast her leg or her booty

all of this are just merely infatuation

Society keeps on mixing up love with infatuation

hence the problems in relationships are destroying the nation

just giving you a definition

infatuation is the admiration of someone because of something

Love is the admiration of who the person genuinely is

Love is true, pure it’s unconditional

and the way people show love I think it would be fictional

Love is about being there for someone through every situations

Helping each other through the complications

Its about driving each other and not to find excuses

no mistreatment no abuses

Love is the complete package

no matter the minor cracks you’ll be there as a bandage

don't rush into relationship because of one simple thing about the person you adore

get to know the person first cause with love there’s a whole lot more



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Honestly, I kind of needed this. Thank you.

Travert Clarke

you are welcome


Fitzy Marlote

An infatuation can turn into love over time as you get to know your belov'ed.

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