The Inevitable

I wrote this the day before you died,

But today you are no more alive than you will be tomorrow.

What's to come is inevitable, 

But I know you of all people can handle it the most.

You faced obstacles that many are scared of.

Trailing through life with no ears,

But very observant eyes.

A personality that's larger than space ships,

That rome the night sky.

I hope you will be happy,

I want to see you smile even though you can’t.

Your brain failed you,

But your heart still beats.

Even if it's tied to a machine.

What’s to come is inevitable,

But I have learned a lot from you,

And you never had to say a word

Because your actions spoke more volume.

Even though death is inevitable,

I have a feeling you will live beyond it.

So I want to thank you

 for showing me how to live.


This poem is about: 
My family


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