Healthy Relationships.  That's a phrase I aspire to.  

Healthy Relationships.  What does it mean?

Healthy Relationships.  A goal and a dream.


Growing up in divorce is hard to handle but you learn not everyone is perfect 

and life can sometimes feel like it’s in shambles.


Since the age of two, I saw all kinds of relationships.  From happy to sad….to imperfect.

I saw the pain divorce can cause but I saw the strength of a woman named Mom. 

She made some tough decisions but never let me down.


On her own at first, later to re-marry but always putting me first and that was never a mystery.

She let me build my own relationship with my birth dad and for that, I will always be glad.


I learned over time that the meaning of healthy in a relationship comes from loving yourself first.

I think you have love yourself and be confident in who you are. 

Not everyone in life will be good to you and some will let you down. 

Stay true to yourself and somehow you will be found.


That’s why this message I want to share with you.

The key to a healthy relationship is YOU!

It is something you should aspire to and truly be your goal and dream. 

Because when you ask yourself what does a healthy relationship mean?

Only you can control you. 

And, while not everyone will treat you perfectly, you can know in your heart what is true. 


A healthy relationship is the one you have with you.

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My family


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