Indecisive Heart (in English)

Kathy, you're the woman that I've been waiting for all along.

My heart was depending on the love of someone like you.

On my first attendance, you offered to share your songbook with me.

And at that moment, I wondered if true love started to grow.

It was so frightening, yet everything about it was inviting.

Darling, my fondness for you became greater by the end of spring,

But I was still afraid to reveal my hidden emotion to you.

Although you were at my disposal, I never mentioned my love.


I didn't know you wanted me and you didn't know I wanted you.

Unfortunately, we weren’t aware of each other's feelings.

Actually, I had my doubts that you could show me real love.

I wanted more than I could say to know if you were in love with me.

And I failed to see that you were the right one for me.

When someone told me that you loved me, it was too late.

Kathy, I mistook your courteousness for a mere formality.

And that's why I decided not to make any advances to you.


We waited too long to let our feelings for each other show.

Your friend seized the opportunity to give me her love.

She was bold enough to do what you should have done long ago.

Another love came along when I was getting desperate.

I hope you understand that I just couldn’t turn down her proposal.

Her love for me was evident, but I wasn’t sure of your love.

Honestly, sweetheart, I didn't want to lose both of you.

I really had no choice; I just didn’t know what else to do.


You felt the same way that she felt about me, only you never said it.

I prefer you to her, but sometimes love doesn't go the way we want it to.

It pains me to see you look on in silence while I court your rival.

How can I tell her the sweet things that I want to say to you?

You say you and I can share our love now that we understand everything.

I'm sure you'll agree that this is a very complicated situation.

Either her heart or your heart is bound to break when I make my decision.

The question is, will she or you walk down the aisle with me?


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