The Incident


I see you there in the back row

Laughing like a pro

But tell me is it still funny

When it’s you on the road?

When you’re the one that’s suffering

The harsh and painful blow.

Tell me is it funny

When your family is standing on the road?

When you see that headlight out of nowhere

Coming towards you fast

Tell me is it funny

When you’re trying to breathe through glass

When your body is bloody

And you can’t move your legs

Tell me is it funny now?

Too bad it just began.

No one hears your screams

No one hears your pain

You lay there in that coffin of steel

Too destroyed to move

So tell me is it still funny

Watching me up here?

Explaining all of the facts

The reasons why you shouldn’t do

This harmful thing to me

When I’m telling you my story

And I see you sit and laugh

Tell me what’s so funny

About a face,

Distorted by glass

From a crash

That should have been



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