The inasent child

The innocent child

by Sandrajohnsonj on June 9, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved

There once was a child her love it grew so wiled. In till one day this pore little child.

She had to hide all her Pain and fear behind her little smile. She never got to play. Because she was way to scared to say.

She was being molested by her next door neighbor. She was being molested by he dad's best friend as well. Oh she can remember that horrible smell.

The smell of the filthy Nasty men who did to her such horrible eval things. Causing this por little girl so much pain.

Cutting her with knifes. Making her want to take her own life. She even attempted suicide. And that made her family cry.

Still they know nothing about what this litte girl hides deep down inside.
Sho she runs off to hide. Outside down by the river bank.

She hides in the woods where she started to feel good. Talking to God. Praying for him to leave things change. Sho she would no longer have to live through this pain.

Then she looks up in to the beautiful little baby blue sky. And that's when God opend the little girls eyes. As she watches the birds fly.

And then she knew just what she had to do. She had to tell and no hide. She had to let some one know what she hide deep down inside.

So this poor little innocent child. Started to cry she started to sob.
Then she saw a beautiful snow white dove. Man she has been through things that has been unheard of.

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