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What would you do if you stumbled upon perfect?

Reach out and grab it?

Work past all boundaries, potentially burn bridges to have it?


Such a funny word. It leaves no room to question the possibility that your perception could be completely backwards.

When you hear perfect, do you find your mind meshing in with a large scale pre conceived conception of, values, beauty and material wealth?

Do you take this measuring scale, look into the mirror, compare your life and begin belittling yourself?

Fall into the widely thought and twisted message of, I’m not enough and if I’m not like them I should hide my true myself.

Perfect… More like plain.

How can perfect have character if it’s never felt pain.

Went through some struggles or picked up some battle scars?

Had its hand smacked while it reached out to the stars, trying to capture its dreams….

How does perfect fit into the realm of description?

It’s an unattainable goal that plagues our minds and has us chasing a high like a fiend on a street corner struggling with drug addiction.


More like senseless…

When will we come together and finalize our consensus, that we will always have flaws… and as long as we continue to compare and weigh ourselves on this unbalanced scale we will be disappointed.

Imperfect, now that sounds like truth.

Like the curve balls life throws at me and you

Like the feeling of smashed dreams mixed with drive and persistence, optimism and the ability to see good things from a distance.

Imperfect, it sounds like reality

The unique characteristics that make up humanity

The opposite of its antonym that should be less associated with us, and more associated with insanity

Imperfection, society’s against you

When will they give up the fight and accept you?

Open their eyes and see the benefits you bring, realize you can’t be associated with any living being?

That your acknowledgment brings the recognition of beauty?

That their happiness is locked away and you’re the key.


It’s us… it’s you… it’s me…





















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