Immortal Love

Shall I be your humble servant?

And you my darling queen?


Thy tawny, auburn hair

Brighter, than the moonlight on the sea.

Thy glistening glow, fairer, than the fairest of the fair,

O! How I wish, it bid goodnight, to me.


Our love may fade, our hands grow old

But our carefree souls, will forever roam.


May I be your one and true?

And you, mine for eternity?


Our love shall transcend

the ordinary boundaries of mortality.

If not through St. Peter’s Gate

Or through Tartarus, itself

Or in some land in between.




This is an original poem I wrote myself several months ago. I HAVE used this particular poem in a couple of different poetry competitions, and this poem is going to be published in Discovered by the America Library of Poetry. If you have any questions to the rights of this work, please contact me directly. 

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